Brighton Camp is accepting more stakes for 2024. If you would like to become a sponsoring stake of Brighton Girls Camp, please contact the Brighton Girls Camp President.

What does it mean to become a sponsoring stake?

You receive guaranteed reservation space for the young women in your stake (specific age eligibility each year), and a reduced registration fee per camper (Fees = $165 vs. $195 for public.)  Sponsoring stakes pay an annual stake assessment fee.  Brighton provides meaningful service both for adults in opening and closing the property, and for youth groups throughout the summer. (See information page below)

Do you have to become a sponsoring stake to attend Brighton?

Not at all. We would love to have your support, but ​young women can still attend individually, or in ward or stake groups outside of sponsoring stakes.  Please contact us for more information. We would love to visit with you and help your group attend this summer!

Brighton Girls Camp is not open for public use or rental.

It is reserved for the purpose of serving young women.  It is staffed by young single adult women ages 18-25, with young women ages 16-17 staffing the kitchen. Two service missionary couples also serve and live on the property full time during the summer.  It is a great summer employment experience!