What age must I be to attend Brighton Girls Camp?

For 2024, young women who were born in 2009-2012 may attend Brighton Girls Camp.

11-year-old girls:  Please be thoughtful as you consider if your 11-year-old girl is ready to be away from home. It may be appropriate to give her a year with their ward or stake camp before a full week at Brighton. If you feel they are ready, we would love to have her at camp. You may consider having younger girls come during our short week this year (July 1-3).

12- and 13-year-old girls are strongly encouraged to come.

14-year-old girls are welcome to come during Mountaineer week, (August 5-9, 2024).

Where do I get on the Bus? What do I pack?

To download the bus information and the packing list, please go HERE.

What is the Mailing Address for Camper Mail?

Please send letters only. Send letters by Friday or Saturday before your week of camp. Letters sent Monday or later may not arrive on time. Mail arrives each afternoon. (Mail arriving on Friday will not reach the campers before they head home & will be returned.) If campers want to send a letter to their counselors – they can also send them to this address with the counselors name!

Brighton Girls Camp
c/o Camper Name (and Camper Stake)
8409 Brighton Loop
Brighton, UT 84121

Can I bring my cell phone, iPod or other electronic device with me to camp?

NO. Attending Brighton Camp gives you a rare opportunity to experience the beauties of nature and feel closer to your Heavenly Father. Electronic devices become a distraction and can interfere with recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost while you are at camp. Counselors conduct cell phone and electronic device checks on Monday morning. All cell phones and electronic devices brought to camp are kept by the counselor and returned on Friday. Also remember that you will be in a camp setting where things get dirty and delicate electronic devices are easily broken or lost. Please do not bring them.

Can I bring a camera to camp?

YES! You are welcome to bring a camera to camp. We recommend that you bring a simple camera. Remember that you will be in a camp setting where things get dirty and an expensive camera can be easily broken. Camera phones are not allowed at camp.

What if I get homesick while I am at camp?

Everyone misses their family when they are away from home! It’s natural! Your counselor will help you understand and manage homesick feelings. The best thing to do is get involved, and to help others have fun doing camp activities. If you will focus on the positive and exciting experiences offered at camp, you will soon find yourself feeling more happy. You might even reach out and help another camper who is also feeling homesick. Just remember that your family will be looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures when you get home. All too soon you will be looking back on a wonderful week and wishing you could stay at Brighton! 🙂

Do I get to take showers at camp?

Your unit is scheduled to take one shower during the week.

Will I get to be with all my friends at camp?

Not all, just one. One of the best things about being at Brighton is making a bunch of new friends. When you fill out the registration card with your parents, you get to list one friend that you would like to have as a “bunkmate.” We will make sure you are in the same group or unit with her. Your unit will have approximately 8-10 campers and be led by one counselor. Your unit will do activities during the week with other units, and you will also participate in activities with the entire camp. There will be many opportunities to see your current friends and make lots of new friends!

Are girls who are not members of the church allowed to come to camp?

Yes, we welcome friends of campers of all faiths. We ask that any camper of another faith attend as a bunkmate with a member friend. We ask the member family to share and explain the For the Strength of Youth booklet as the guidelines of conduct for camp. We want everyone to understand that this is a church camp and that the gospel of Jesus Christ will be openly taught and discussed throughout the many activities and events at camp.

Can I wear shorts, capris and flip flops since it will be Summer?

No. Long pants and closed toed shoes are required at Brighton and on the busses. You may bring flip flops to wear in the shower only.

Brighton Girls Camp is operated through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What does this mean?

Brighton is operated under the Priesthood direction of the Salt Lake Valley View Stake and its Executive Priesthood Committee. It is supervised by a Presidency and Council of 25 men and women. All Staff that are hired each summer are Church employees.

Who can I contact in an emergency?


Kathy Mills (BGC President)  801-414-7375


April Oaks (BGC Registration)  801-205-5555
Michelle McNeill (BGC Registration)  801-556-2818


Ann Syphus (BGC Secretary)   801-652-5473


Carolyn Davey (RN)   801-557-7205
Jody Osteyee (RN)   801-694-8371