The music at Brighton is an integral part of our Girls Camp! Below you will find some of our songs! Feel free to download them and/or listen to them so that you can get to know them before camp! Once you have sung the songs at camp, you WILL want to have these songs in your home to remind you of your experiences!


2024 Theme Song

An Austrian Went Yodeling

Angels in the Sky (Angel Song)

Ann Marie

Ash Grove

Big Blue Frog

Boom Chicka Boom

Children of the Light


Court of King Caracticus

Deep & Wide

Each Campfire Lights Anew


Everytime That You Act

Farewell Song

Father Abraham


German Doctor

God Didn’t Give Me Much

Grizzly’s Song

Happiness Runs

High in the Mountains

I Believe In You

I Know A Place

I Love to Wander

I Wonder When He Comes Again

If All of the Raindrops

Its In Everyone of Us

Jello Song

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Katalina Madalina

Legend Song


Little Bitty Bit

Little Drop of Dew

Little Less of Me


Living in Lodge & Cabin

Misty Song

Moon Song

My Aunt Came Back

My Love

Noah’s Song

Oh Lay Oh Lah

On the Loose

Pass It On

Peace of the River

Perrywinkle Store

Pile of Tin

Princess Pat


Shadows Creep

Sing A Rainbow

Skunk Song

Soft Rain

Spider’s Web

Tell Me Why

The Time’s Come To Try

Waddaly Atcha

Walk Tall, You’re A Daughter (by Jamie Glen)

Weiny Man

White Wings

Zulu King


He is Mindful

2023 Theme Song

Desire To Rejoice

2022 Theme Song